Schooling & Training


Training Programs

One of my strongest abilities is to create a partnership between riders and their horses. One of the best ways is to do a yearly comprehensive program. This program is coordinated around your goals and your horse’s abilities. It is very wise to have a plan otherwise it is easy to stay in your comfort zone with little progression. Your personal plan is the foundation of your development journey.

This program includes:

  •  A yearly calendar
  • Quarterly reviews
  • Assessment of current skills and evaluation of the reality of your goals
  • Training program to develop horse and rider
  • Creating your ‘support team’
  • Exercises for riders to increase flexibility and balance off the horse
  • Fitness objectives for horse and rider

At the beginning of each year (you can start any time), we will sit down and discuss what you want to achieve with you horse. Then create a training program together.

You can keep track of your weekly progress using Google Sheets or another calendar. There is also an app called LEVADE which you can subscribe to. The app creates notes for each lesson with videos and provides a section listing what needs to be worked on each week.

Training Program fees are established based on requirements and are unique for each situation.




At times, clients’ horses benefit from being schooled by a professional rider as part of their training program. I can train your horse as required.

A schooling session includes:

  • tacking up and untacking
  • riding time of 30-45 minutes
  • brief feedback afterwards

Session Fee: $75.00 +HST