Riding With Awareness

What is Riding with “Awareness”?


Riding with Awareness is a concept that has been developed over my extensive riding & coaching career. 

Initially, as a beginner/novice student, you are taught to ride by developing a “seat”, the correct posture with suppleness & strength to balance with the horse. You communicate with the horse through natural aids, seat, legs, hands, back and voice. Giving specific requests called aids. These will be refined throughout your riding education.

Then, as your riding skills progress, a concept of visualization comes into play. You imagine in your mind the specific feeling of what you are trying to create and envision that picture using all your senses.

As your riding develops, it is not simply enough to know what you want to create. You must be able to achieve the right energy level or vibrational level between you and the horse to be one. It is a true partnership.

To achieve this, there must be a surrender of ego, a letting go of any emotional attachment. Desire is replaced with knowing and trust. You enter another dimension of consciousness that athletes call ‘the optimal performance zone’. I call it Bliss or Joy.

This is the culmination of all that I know from 5 decades of studying, riding and teaching. I offer this to you through Myrddin Equestrian Services.

With love & gratitude,

Margaret Godson