Lessons & Fees


Creating Your Riding Program
Once you and your coach have decided what would be the best program for you, Myrddin offers you the flexibility to choose from a variety of arrangements.

Lessons are offered on PRIVATE (single person), SEMI-PRIVATE (2-3 people), and GROUP (4-6 people) rates. School Horses are available for all classes.

For those riders who like the regular routine of the same class time each week, we offer Group Rates.

Option #1:
For riders that wish to rider on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, lessons may be purchased in packages or 4 or 8 lessons.
(Note: there is an expiry date of 120 days from time of purchase on these packages)


Option #2:

For riders that would like to ride on an as-needed basis, the Individual Class Rate applies.

Riders are encouraged to make up missed lessons so they stay current with the group, but it is not mandatory. If you know ahead of time, we can usually accommodate you in another class . There is a required 24 hour cancellation. If you cancel less than 24 hours from your scheduled lesson time , then you forfeit that class in your package.

New students can start taking classes at any time .


Riders who wish to take a variety of classes, or have fluctuating schedules, can arrange for lessons as needed. Riders may take additional classes at any time. It is recommended that you give us 48 hours to book your lessons to better accommodate you.
Theses are for riders who would like to practice on their own or just ride out for enjoyment and exercise. Riders must be at or equivalent to a Rider Level 4 to rider on their own. Riders under 12 years of age must be supervised by a parent or guardian. There is NO jumping allowed on practice rides.

A private lesson is a single horse/rider combination. 1/2 hour private lessons are for riders returning to riding or just starting out and want a great start. They are also for intensive training, practicing dressage tests, or a jump school.


Semi-Private lessons are for two horse/rider combinations.

Students may compete at local shows and horse trials with our school horses. To qualify to compete, riders are required to ride a minimum of twice per week. Check out the Calendar of Events for competition dates.
Myrddin hosts clinics, workshops and off property schooling throughout the year. Riders are encouraged to participate in these events. Ask your coach which activities would be suitable for you. Check out the Calendar of Events section.
Myrddin has lectures and and stable management practicals in our winter semester. Our coaches, Theresa Rondeau Vuk and Margaret Godson, can examine you up to Rider Level 4. Beyond that, we can arrange for examination days. Traditionally these are held in March & April. Candidates for testing can arrange with their coaches for individual mentoring.
Lesson Fees
Use of Myrddin Horse Use of Own Horse
Private Lessons 1/2 hour Private Lesson $ 75.00 $ 40.00
1 hour Private Lesson $ 120.00 $ 75.00
4 Lesson Package $ 400.00 $ 280.00
8 Lesson Package $ 760.00 $ 560.00
Semi-Private Lessons Individual Class $ 90.00 $ 50.00
4 Lesson Package $ 320.00 $ 180.00
8 Lesson Package $ 620.00 $ 360.00
Group Lessons Individual Class $ 70.00 $ 40.00
4 Lesson Package $ 210.00 $ 150.00
8 Lesson Package $ 400.00 $ 280.00
Practice Rides Individual for 1 hour $ 50.00
4 Lesson Package $ 180.00
Monthly Board $ 880.00
Riders can combine several lesson & practice ride options if they want to ride several times a week.



Please Note:

  • All fees are subject to 13% HST
  • All lessons must be paid for in advance
  • Payments by CHEQUE must be made payable to MYRDDIN EQUESTRIAN CENTRE
  • ETRANSFERS are to be sent to margaret.myrddin@gmail.com
  • 24 hour cancellation policy, please call (905) 703-6698

Introductory Program for Level 1 Riders

Beginning March 2, 2019

Starting March 2, Kim Logue will be hosting an 8 week introductory program for Level 1 Riders.

Classes are 1.5 hours in length – 45 minutes riding instruction & 45 minutes getting to know the horses.

The last session will be a culmination of the 7 classes, being a demonstration of skills learned and the presentation of Level 1 Certificates to candidates who are ready for Level 2.

  • March 2 – safety around the horse, basic horse behaviour, how to adjust stirrups and girth, correctly lead a horse, how to mount, how to pick up reins correctly, the position at walk (left rein and right rein), and how to dismount.
  • March 9 – articles of the grooming kit and order of use, how to adjust stirrups and girth while mounted, change direction across the long diagonal, and halt from walk.
  • March 16 – parts of the horse, turning down center line at walk, and halt from walk.
  • March 23 – colours of horses, review position and natural aids, and explanation of position at rising trot.
  • March 30 – the parts of the saddle, correct placing of letters around arena, execution of rising trot, and transitions from walk to trot and trot to walk.
  • April 6 – identify and maintain a safe distance in a ride, drop and retake stirrups at walk, review turns across diagonal and down center line, and review parts of the horse.
  • April 13 – demonstrate the change of posting diagonal when asked and review riding terms.
  • April 20 – Demo Day!

Cost: $350 (cheques preferred – or two installments of $175 each). No make up lessons so please plan to attend all sessions. Please speak with Margie about joining this program.