EFT for Horses & Riders

 (Also known as Tapping)

EFT for Horses & RidersEFT is an Energy Meridian Tapping Technique that taps on the points (similar to acupuncture) on the energy meridian in the body.

When a body experiences a harmful or chronically stressful event, it stores that energy in the body. That energy (sometimes referred to as negative energy) is really just too much energy which creates a blockage and doesn’t allow the energy to flow freely throughout that part of the body.

These energy blockages can manifest in changes of behavior or in physical symptoms. By tapping on the energy points while mentally focusing on the negative feeling, the energy blockages can be released and eventually completely cleared.

Once there are no more negative feelings and the blockage is cleared, EFT can be used to tap in a positive feeling by tapping on the points and focusing on better choices.

EFT is one of the most powerful healing techniques in the world. EFT is usually rapid, long lasting and gentle with no adverse side effects. There is no use of drugs or equipment.

EFT for Riders

What EFT can do for Riders?

Riders can be shown how to use EFT for themselves. They are taught the tapping procedure and, after a few sessions (4-6) with the practitioner, riders can use EFT on their own. The more you practice, the more it will be an efficient and valuable tool.

EFT for Horses & Riders

It is rather like peeling an onion… you start with what is apparent on the outside… the skin. As you release the first layer of energy and feelings, you then discover the next layer and it may be turning in a completely different direction. Releasing the next layer and following the feeling you will eventually get to the core… the original trauma or series of events that lead you to take on a vow or limiting belief.

Once you have opened the core and are able to let go of the belief, the feelings and the energy, the problm is no longer an issue for you.

Examples of what EFT can do for riders: 

  • can reduce competition anxiety and limiting belief that contributes to the anxious feeling, freezing, dread and panic.
  • reduce or stop self-sabotaging behaviour
  • reduce or relieve energy blockages that have prevented you from achieving that correct balanced position you try so hard to achieve.


Results vary from individual to individual. Results depend upon how willing the person is to work with their EFT practitioner.

It also depends upon where that person is in their life and if they are ready to let go of feelings and energy blockages.

The practitioner is there to help you and facilitate your EFT experience. The practitioner’s goal is to hold you safe while you do the work.

EFT for Horses

What EFT can do for Horses?

EFT with horses can be done in several different ways. The process that has given me the best results is a combination of surrogate tapping and actual tapping on the physical meridian points on the horse’s body.

EFT for Horses & RidersIn surrogate tapping, the practitioner grounds their personal energy and then takes on the energy pattern of the horse being treated. The practitioner can then tap on their own body is it now represents the horse’s body energy.

Each practitioner has their own way of intuitively receiveing messages from the horse’s energy body. Mine is in pictures… I see events happen in pictures. I can also geel the energy body, feel its pain body or energy blockages. As a result of my lifetime involvement with horses, I can interpret what I see and feel and what it means to the horse and rider.

You have to realize though, there are some times when there is a change in energy flow that has not yet manifested itself in physical symptoms. In this cae, it is like a warning!

Follow-up or additional treatments canbe done through surrogate tapping oly. It does not require the actual physical presence of the horse. It does require open communication from the rider and the coach as to the horse’s performace after each treatment.


Examples of what EFT can do for horses: 

  • help discover past events that have lead to current behaviors. It can reduce or eliminate the emotional change to those events.
  • can release the emotional connection (fear response) to many situations. (ie. being alone, jumping into water or ditches, loading on a trailer, etc.)
  • help you understand what your horse is feeling and what he needs from you to feel safe. Can show you where there are energy blockages from emotions.
  • introduce positive feelings and responses to training.


EFT is not meant to replace your coach or veterinarian but to supplement their recommendations by reducing or eliminating the negative feeling and emotional change.

Nor is EFT meant to offer medical advice or treatment for people or horses. It is not a replacement for traditional medicines or psychological care.