Instruction & Coaching


Initial Conversation

An initial conversation of 15 minutes if offered free of charge to new or returning clients. It may take place by phone or Zoom.

During this conversation, you will be asked the following questions:

  1. What you want to achieve with your riding (this includes your wishes and goals).
  2. What is your previous riding history?
  3. Is there any limitations or difficulties you foresee in achieving your goals (ie. previous injuries, age, fitness level, etc.)?
  4. Your availability and location.
  5. Your mount (do you have a horse or do you need help finding a horse?) Your horse’s education, fitness and suitability to meeting your goals.
  6. The name of any referral so that I may thank them.

It is a good idea to think about these questions before the call.


Scheduling Your Lessons

Myrddin Equestrian uses Google Sheets to schedule classes. Upon completion of the initial conversations, you will be added to the group to have access to the weekly schedule. A new sheet will be posted on Monday of each week.

If you want to cancel or make any changes, please contact me directly through text or call 905-703-6698

Coaching Fees

Coaching is available for riders with access to a horse (their own, leased, part-boarded or borrowed)

Classes are offered on an hourly basis and can be private or semi-private.

Individual Private Lesson: $110.00 +HST

Weekly Private Lesson: $85.00 +HST ($340 monthly)

Two Private Lessons per week: $75.00 +HST per lesson ($600 monthly)

One Semi-Private Lesson per week: $55 per person +HST

Schooling of Horses: $75.00 +HST for riding only; $110.00 +HST for ride and grooming

Payment must be received at the time of Booking. Please send all payment via e-transfer to (no security code required).

Cancellation Policy

All classes must cancelled at least 24 hours in advance to receive a make up class.

All make up classes must be taken within 2 weeks of the cancellation.

Coaching at Competitions or Off-Property Schooling

Coaching is available by individual arrangement for competitions & off-property schooling.

Part Boarding & Co-leasing

I currently have 2 horses on co-lease arrangements, that are owned by Myrddin Equestrian.

Co-Lease for 2 days per week. Total monthly cost: $452 (HST included)
This includes tack, shoeing & vet.

It is mandatory to take one lesson per week with this co-lease arrangement.

Private – $339.00 per month (HST included)
Semi-Private – $226.00 per month (HST included)

There are other stables that I teach at that have part-board and co-lease options available as well. Green Haven and Halton Equine & Canine have horses available now. Please contact me if you need help finding a horse or to learn more about our Co-Leasing options.


Riding With Awareness clinics and EFT Clinics can be arranged by individual contract.

Please contact me for more information.