Training Packages


Myrddin is able to provide customized training packages depending on the needs of horse and rider. We have worked with horses across eventing, hunter/jumper, and dressage. Specializations include working with nervous or young horses to encourage confidence with the aim of developing a trusting partnership between horse and owner.

Most customers choose to board and leverage training and lesson services.

Our typical training packages include:

  • Breaking – 4 to 6 weeks on-site starting and training of unbroken horses for a variety of disciplines. Includes 5 sessions weekly with long-lining, lunge work and then under saddle work as appropriate. Achieve the basics with a young horse; walk, trot, steering, halt.
  • Competition Focused package – 3 months focused training for both horse and rider. Have full use of our facilities as a boarder + 1 lesson weekly with Margaret Godson and 1 training ride weekly by Caroline Godson.
  • Building Confidence – Full board + 3x weekly training rides by Caroline Godson, plus EFT sessions for owner/rider with Margaret Godson 1x weekly. Great for solving problem behaviors or encouraging confident partnerships between horse & owner.

We are able to customize to your needs so please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or requests.


“Caroline has been my best weapon for success in riding, from preparing me for the show ring to learning lessons that can be carried outside of the ring.  She very early on helped me to set my goals, change my outlook and grow my confidence. Caroline helped me to source my current horse and has been nothing but professional, motivating and fun during the whole process. She was able to balance my current needs and level with where I need to head in the future. She was then able to find a horse to match these qualities and allow me to grow into. Now during training, my confidence and skills have grown exponentially. Her triple approach- riding the horse, teaching from the ground and being in a teaching program at Myrddin with Margaret Godson has meant the best possible success for me and my horse. When she rides my horse, I know that he is getting an extremely tailored and effective lesson. I receive written updates every time after she rides allowing me to learn what I need to work on, and when I ride the next time I can feel a tremendous difference! From the ground, she is able to point out subtleties and push me just beyond my comfort zone. Her approach and tactics wonderfully complements my lessons with Margaret Godson, bringing out the best in me and my horse. I truly would not be where I am in my riding without Caroline!”

Natalie Coyle