Riding With Awareness



Myrddin offers the ultimate in personalized Riding Instruction. Instruction is aimed at departing understanding and knowledge while supporting individuals to make the necessary changes to attain their goals.

Our Training programs include :

Handling, groundwork and energy therapies as well as riding customized to the individual horse.

The property is located in the country.

With hills, trees and water. Our facilities include a renovated century barn, indoor arena, sand ring and cross country fences spread over 50 acres .


The property owners, Sara & David Kemp, have listed the property for sale. Our current plan is to continue to operate at these facilities for as long as possible.

In the event the property is sold, we have 90 days to relocate (longer if it’s in the middle of winter) and we do have a location to relocate to.

There is also the possibility that whomever purchases the property may want to continue to keep us as tenants.

We will keep you posted if there are any developments in this situation.

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Lesson Programs
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