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Hello all Myrddin Alumni and Students Making New Inquiries.

Covid 19 has brought many changes to the equestrian community. Those who have Riding Schools have been some of the hardest hit. We have faced barn closures, loss of income while our expenses remained the same, and now some facilities are open to limited amounts of students. It is unlikely that things will ever be the same as they were before. 

I  have also found over the last few years that I do not have the stamina that I use to have. As the proprietor and Head Coach at Myrddin I was really doing a job of two people. Since my best gifts to others is my ability to teach and train horses, I have decided to put what energy I have into coaching. I have a vast amount of knowledge and experience from over 50 years of teaching and riding, breeding, training and developing horse and rider combinations.

So the pandemic has been the catalyst to push me into the next chapter of my life. I have retired from running the Myrddin facility and terminated the lease on the property. I have closed the riding school and rehomed or leased all of the school horses. So Myrddin stables is now permanently closed. 

It has been a very emotional period for me, closing the barn and dispersing 40 years of equipment. The bright light in all this is that I can still stay connected to all the wonderful people that have been the “Myrddin Community “. I will be available as a freelance coach and consultant  moving forwards.  As of June 1st I am coaching at several private barns and have room for more in my schedule. The web site will be modified to reflect these changes and incorporate a booking calendar. I am also expanding my EFT practice and look forward to helping more horses and riders with that.

I encourage you to contact me at any time with questions or concerns. I would like to Thank Everyone that has been involved with Myrddin over the last four decades. It has been quite the lifetime: sharing, learning, creating and being supported by all of you. I think of these changes not as an ending but a new experience.

With gratitude and hope

Margaret Godson 



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